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Flood and drain is an irrigation technique, that fills the pot with nutrient solution from the bottom. As the nutrient solution rises in the pot, it forces out the air and saturates the growing media. As the nutrient solution drains from the pot, fresh air is pulled back into the growing media, enriching it with oxygen, vital for healthy root growth. The IWS pro system has been designed with the grower in mind. This system can handle over 80 pots and fills and drains quicker than any other system. The Pro system will fill a 48 pot system in less than 10 minutes and drains back twice as quick as the standard system. A high pressure pump fills the brain bucket and twenty five millimetre pipe from the brain to the pots, allows the system to flood very quickly. It also has two brain pumps in the brain bucket, which drains the systems quicker. Frequent flooding and draining of the pot should occur in order to optimise the available oxygen in the root zone.

You will need Clay Pebbles for this system. See also Coco and Rockwool.

Hints and Tips - The growing media, plant size and environmental conditions will determine the frequency of flooding. If you are using a growing media that does not retain much water, such as clay pebbles we recommend using Aqua Pots. You will have to flood the pots with a higher frequency. When using clay pebble and coir mixes the water retention will be higher, so flood frequency will be reduced, for this medium we recommend Culture Pots.

Reviews & Questions

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