LEDStar 720w 3.2 Foldable LED Grow Light


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LEDStar 720w 3.2 Foldable LED Grow Light

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Get more light for less! The new and improved LEDStar 720w 6-Bar Grow Light is now our cheapest LED unit we offer but certainly does not compromise on quality. It's a great choice for those who are just starting out with LEDs and are put off by the higher price tags associated with some brands as well as growers wanting a high performance grow light for a low price. This full spectrum fixture is perfect for those growing in a 1.2m2 - 1.5m2 area, the light is also dimmable meaning it can be used throughout the entire growth cycle. It features a ultra high 3.2 µmols per watt (our highest output LED yet), which delivers an output that exceeds a 1000w HID light whilst producing a fraction of the heat and using less electricity.


The LEDStar 720w represents a real step forward in LED lighting, bringing features and build quality usually associated with more premium priced models. It has 6 bars that contain a range of diodes that produce a full spectrum light output (2635K), this makes it suitable for use in all stages of plant growth. These deliver 3.2µmols per watt giving a total of 2088µmols at max power and provide up to 50000 hours of life with very little degradation over time. Each of the light bars now feature reflective wings to direct light exactly where it needs to be for maximum efficiency. The unit is powered via the ultra reliable Loadstar Digital Ballast which allows the unit to be dimmed to 400w or 600w from it's maximum output of 720w. Whilst most digital ballasts can be used we recommend using the Loadstar for the best results. It's also IP20 rated and foldable for easy transportation. 

How To Use The LEDStar 720w 3.2 LED Grow Light

The LEDStar 720w LED is the perfect choice for a 1.2m x 1.2m grow space or tent but will cover up to a 1.5m x 1.5m area. It can be used right from the initial stages of growth on rooted cuttings and established seedlings if desired. We recommend dimming the unit to 400w in this instance and hanging at around 30-45cm from the canopy then gradually begin to drop it closer as the plants grow and become stronger. By late-veg to the start of flowering most growers are able to run the unit at full power at around 15cm from the canopy which will produce great results with minimal heat. 


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  • Does the price include the balast?

    Hi there,

    Yes the unit comes with its own ballast.

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