Malted Barley Powder


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Malted Barley Powder contains a blend of 8 different enzymes. Created by malting barley, grinding into a powder then freeze-drying to retain the goodness. This product is a great way to add my enzymatic activity within the soil, this helps to improves processes within the soil and plant and assist with nutrient uptake. 

How It Works

Procured from malting barley, the blend of 8 enzymes; amylase, arylsulphatase, β-glucosidase, cellulase, chitinase, dehydrogenase, phosphatase, protease and urease are a powerful combination and one of the best inputs for your No-Till garden.

It is well known that enzymes play a huge role in increasing plant health and your overall results. Your nutrient uptake will be increased which in turn will help to improve your quality and yield. 

How to Use Malted Barley Powder

Malted Barley Powder can lightly dusted over the top of your pots and as a top dress every 2-3 weeks up to around mid flowering which will provide a slow release action. Alternatively it mixed with water at a rate of 1 teaspoon per litre and used as a soil drench once per week during mid-late veg and the first few weeks of flowering.

Available in 500g or 1kg pouches.

Questions & Answers

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  • Can I use this with biology tea

    You can certainly use this product alongside a tea. It does not need to brewed with the other components of your tea though necessarily and works well when applied as a top dress to your soil and watered in. It can also be diluted into water and applied as a root drench

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