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Neem is well known for being a fantastic pest deterrent and works wonders both at repelling them as well as helping your plant build its own natural defences. It is also nutrient rich and will help to improve the overall long-term health of your soil.

How It Works

The properties in Neem make it pretty unbearable for most pests to be around; great news for growers! This makes it a great choice to use as a fully organic IPM (integrated pest management) in your garden to help protect against an unwanted bugs or moulds taking hold. Remember prevention is better than cure! However what really sets Neem aside from other IPM products is it's ability to help ramp up your plants SAR (systemic acquired resistance) hormones, thus making them naturally more resistant themselves. For some plants when this type of process occurs this means that certain essential oils or other properties are increased which in turn also improves the overall quality, taste and aroma of the plant whilst also making it stronger!

Neem is very nutrient rich and is a key component to Eco-Life Soil and other living soil mixes. It helps to promote soil fertility and is high in NPK as well as other elements which greatly improve growth and yield.

How to Use Neem Meal

Neem Meal can be added as a top dress to your soil by lightly dusting it every 1-2 weeks. This will provide a slow release nutrient action. You can also use it as a foliar spray once per week to help prevent against pests and diseases.


Sold in 500g pouches.

Questions & Answers

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  • What's the NPK ratio?

    Hi there,

    The approximate NPK rating is 2-1-1. 


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