pH Buffer 4


Reviews & Questions

Growth Technology pH Buffer 4 is a stable pH calibration fluid to accurately double check the calibration of your pH meter. It is essential to keep our pH meter calibrated when taking accurate readings and keeping your pH range correct. This fluid can be used with any brand of pH meter.

How it works

To maintain accurate reading of the acidity of your nutrient solution, your pH meter needs to be calibrated regularly. Ph Buffer 4 is a stable solution with a pH of 4 for calibrating your meter.

How to use Growth Technology pH Buffer 4

Firstly, you should calibrate your pH meter using pH buffer 7. Then to use Growth Technology pH Buffer 4 simply pour a small amount of the solution into a clean vessel, and then immerse your meter's probe into the solution. Tap the probe to remove any bubbles and allow a few minutes to finalize the reading.

Reviews & Questions

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