pH Down


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Growth Technology pH Down is a concentrated additive designed to quickly reduce the pH of your nutrient solution. Phosphoric acid is the main ingredient at around 81% and this can be added to almost all liquids to reduce the pH. It is fundamental to keep the pH of your nutrient solution within a certain range, when growing with hydroponic or aeroponic methods. This great value-for-money additive is one of the most stable pH adjusters on the market.

How it works

The concentrated Phosphoric Acid reduces the pH of your desired nutrient solution. Different genera of plants require different pH ranges, however, normally the majority of plants like a pH range of 5.5-6.5. Simply add a small amount of pH down to your nutrient solution to help keep the desired acidity within this range.

How to use Growth Technology pH Down

Growth Technology pH Down is available in 250ml, 1L and 5L bottles. This simple, yet very effective additive can be used straight from the bottle. Simply add 1ml per 50L of water and measure your pH intermittently until the desired acidity level is reached. It is possible to use Growth Technology pH Down alongside any of our base nutrients.

Reviews & Questions

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