pH Probe Refill & Storage Solution


Reviews & Questions

pH probes can dry out when stored and this can have a seriously detrimental effect to their accuracy and lifespan. This easy-to-use solution helps to maintain your pH probes accuracy and lifespan especially when your meter is not in use.

How it works

This solution contains dilute potassium chloride. By storing your probe within this solution, it remains wet and in optimum condition. This constant moisture is vital for accuracy and longevity in your pH probe.

How to use Growth Technology pH Probe Refill & Storage Solution

Before use, please ensure you shake the bottle well. When you have finished using your pH meter, clean the end and wet the probe in Growth Technology pH Probe Refill & Storage Solution. With some meters it is possible to pour a small amount of storage solution in the protective probe cap, just before you store it. This will keep the probe wet. When it comes to using the probe again, simply shake it dry and discard any used storage solution.

Reviews & Questions

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