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Plant Magic Old Timer Grow is a premium, organic plant food for plants grow in soil during the vegetative stage. The Old Timer range, from Plant Magic, encourages beneficial microbial activity in the root-zone. When a healthy root zone is established, you will see an increased yield. Fantastic for hand watered plants, this feed gives your crops a delicious, natural taste, full of flavour and aroma.

How it works

This exceptional base nutrient feed is a blend of organically derived plant foods which feed both the plant and the important microbes in your soil. Although Old Timer Grow has not been certified organic, it contains the best organic ingredients and regularly outperforms other feeds. This complete plant food will provide your plants with everything they need during the vegetative stage of their life cycle. For this product to work even better, we recommend the use of Ecothrive Neutralise, this will ensure any chlorine/chloramine in tap water does not kill your friendly army of bacteria. You can also add a top-quality inoculant, e.g. Ecothrive Biosys, to really give your soil a boost!

How to use Plant Magic Old Timer Grow

Plant Magic Old Timer Grow is unsuitable for automatic watering systems, as the organic ingredients contain particles which can block drippers. Therefore, use this product purely for hand watered plants in soil. Start use when the nutrients in the soil are starting to become depleted. The Plant Magic Feed Chart recommends use for the first 2 weeks of the vegetative stage right up, into the first 2 weeks of the bloom stage, at a rate of 2-5ml/L, this is dependent on the size and hunger of your plant. Throughout the vegetative cycle, feed once every 2-3 watering’s, making sure that 10-20% run-off is achieved every time. When fruiting and flowering starts, switch over to Old Timer Organic Bloom.

Plant Magic Old Timer Grow is available in 1L & 5L bottles and works harmoniously alongside Plant Magic Bio-wetter, Root Stimulant, Bio-Silicon to complete the exceptional organic nutrient & additives range from Plant Magic. For help with these products and how to use them, including ingredients and reviews please call us or check out website.

Reviews & Questions

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