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The liquid version of the ever-popular Plant Success Great White. Orca was mainly created for growers who wish to reap the benefits of beneficial bacteria but don't want to use a powdered product, this makes it especially suited when growing in a hydroponic system or elsewhere that requires tank dilution. It is comprised of a blend of various types of beneficial bacteria that supercharge your roots to grower bigger and healthier. Your plants will be able to uptake more nutrients and therefore produce bigger yields.

How It Works

Mycorrhizae form a symbiotic relationship with the plants roots. The beneficial fungi colonise the roots and form a network of filaments called mycelium which feed on the sugars the plant produces. In exchange for this they help to increase the surface area of the roots and protect them from pathogens. This increase in root growth directly translates into greater nutrient uptake which in turn means faster growing plants that can produce the very biggest of yields! There are various different species of these beneficial bacteria and Orca is jam-packed with them! Each bottle contains 4 types of endomycorrhiza, and 5 types of bacteria. Each of these species has it's own unique process in which it helps the plant and combined they form a powerful additive for your plants. 

How To Use Plant Success Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae

Orca an be used in a number of different ways, in any type of growing media or system and at any stage of growth. Below we have listed the recommended applications.

Seeds: Use 1-2 drops directly on the seed.

Cuttings: Soak your starter cubes in a solution of 1-3ml of Orca per 4L of water for up to one hour. This solution can also be used to pre-soak your cuttings in if you wish.

Soil & Coco: Apply by top feeding with every watering at a rate of 1-5ml per litre of water.

Hydroponics: Mix into your reservoir at a rate of one 5ml scoop per 35L of nutrient solution for the entire growth cycle.

Mycorhizae can be particularly important during transplanting, for this we highly recommend Great White (also from Plant Success) as the powder form makes it very easy and effective to use.

Plant Success Orca is available in 100ml and 475ml bottles.


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