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Shogun Dragon Force is a complete bloom feed that is used just before the final flush to drive plants to their optimal growth. This unique feed replaces your base nutrient and enhances the maturation process. Dragon Force stimulates your plants defence system which helps to improve final yields and increase essential oil production.

How It Works

The blend of ingredients available in Shogun Dragon Force provide a comprehensive feed for your plants for the very last feeding stages. 

It contains highly bio-available forms of potassium and phosphorus alongside magnesium and sulphur which act as boosters for photosynthesis. 

Magnesium is a component of chlorophyll, driving the photosynthesis process. Chlorophyll captures light energy which is used to produce carbohydrates from CO2 in the atmosphere and water absorbed through the roots. Sulphur is a secondary macronutrient that forms a key component of many amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of life. A number of studies show that sulphur contributes to oil production in a number of seeds and beans as well as other genera of plants. Just like phosphorus, sulphur also assists in the absorption of nutrients. 

This complete range of flowering elements allows you to stop using your base nutrient and PK additives as Dragon Force has it all covered! 

Dragon Force has been designed to speed up and enhance the maturing process of your plants. It does this by helping to remobilise certain nutrients to the fruits and flowers, in particular calcium. The increase of calcium content helps to improve the quality of your produce after harvesting. It stimulates the movement of carbohydrates from the roots to your flowers giving your plants and energy boost to help speed up and improve maturation.

What really makes Dragon Force stand out to other ripening products is how it increases the amount of secondary metabolites. Secondary metabolites are things such as plant resins and oils as well as the compounds which make up the aromas of your plant. By increasing these you will essentially increase the overall quality of your produce. The ingredients in Dragon Force will ensure an overall increase in secondary metabolite production and also improve the concentration of copper tissue which stimulates your plants natural defences and in turn ramps up essential oil production. 

How To Use Shogun Dragon Force

Shogun Dragon Force must be used during the final 1-2 weeks of flowering before flush at a rate of 4ml per litre. The Shogun feed chart suggest to stop using your base nutrient and any PK additives as well.

Shogun Dragon Force works well alongside products such as Shogun Sumo Active Boost and Shogun ZenZym which make up some of the superb range of nutrients and additives available from Shogun. 

Shogun Dragon Force is available in 250ml, 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.

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