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Shogun Katana Roots stimulates root growth and ensures a strong and healthy root zone. Seedlings and cuttings will get the best start in life and root faster and grow quicker with Katana Roots. Continued use throughout the growth cycle helps to protect your plants from diseases such as Pythium. Give your plants the cutting edge with Katana Roots!

How It Works

Strong, healthy plants are the key to achieving bountiful harvests and in order to get strong and healthy plants they need an efficient uptake mechanism to take in nutrients...their roots! Katana Roots is a powerful root stimulator and very effective at helping seedlings and cuttings develop large root systems quickly. This helps to ensure the success rate of cuttings and transplanted plants is greatly improved and the rate of growth is increased. Katana Roots will help plants to develop not only more roots but also a complex and more efficient root system that is capable of maximum nutrient uptake.

Aside from this the overall root health will be improved and. your plants will have greater resistance to pathogens and fungi which are responsible for root disease such as Pythium. Pythium can quickly turn a flourishing root system in to a dark brown sludge very quickly. Katana Roots is especially important to hydroponic systems, which can be more susceptible to pathogens.

How To Use Shogun Katana

Shogun Katana Roots is particularly important in the very early stages of growth (seedlings and cuttings) but can also be used throughout the entire vegetative stage and the early part of flowering. 

The Shogun feed chart recommends to use Katana Roots once per week at a rate of 5ml per litre on seedlings and cuttings for 1-2 weeks. 


To improve success rate of cuttings and seedlings, be sure to soak your propagation media in this solution for 15 minutes. Once this has been achieved allow your plugs to drain off any excess liquid before using them.

Once plants are established you can lower the dose to 0.2ml per litre and use this throughout the vegetative stage as well as the first 3 weeks of flowering.

Katana Roots is also highly effective when used as a foliar spray and can help stressed plants recover quickly. Apply 1-2 times per week at a rate 5ml per litre.

Shogun Katana Roots works well alongside Shogun Start and Shogun ZenZym which make up some of the great range of nutrients and additives from Shogun.

Shogun Katana Roots is available in 250ml, 1L and 5L bottles.

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