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Shogun Katana Roots is the next generation of root booster. Professional hydroponic growers know that healthy roots are key to healthy plants and huge crops. This root stimulator contains a blend of ingredients that boosts overall root development and aids in protecting the rhizosphere from diseases such as Pythium. Nutrients will therefore be optimally distributed thus helping to create healthy abundant plants.

How It Works

Shogun Katana Roots is a root stimulator that facilitates the growth of new roots, this will greatly improve the success of cuttings and seedlings. Overall root health will be improved, and nutrients will be absorbed by the plant efficiently. In turn this creates a plant with greater resistance to pathogens and fungi; responsible for root disease such as Pythium. Pythium will turn a flourishing root system in to a dark brown, sludge very quickly. Katana Roots is especially important to hydroponic systems, which can be more susceptible to pathogens.

How to use Shogun Katana

Shogun Katana Roots is available in 250ml & 1L bottles. The Shogun Feed Chart recommends use during the vegetative phase & the start of flowering stage to facilitate rapid root growth and provide optimum uptake of nutrients in the plants’ cycle.

To improve success rate of cuttings and seedlings, be sure to soak rooting plugs in a solution of water and Katana Roots. A dose of 5ml Katana roots per litre of water is required and it is recommended you soak the plugs for 15 minutes. Ensure they are completely saturated. Once this has been achieved, squeeze the excess off the plugs to ensure there is no water logging.

Root Feed – Use at a rate of 0.2ml/L to your nutrient reservoir or watering can. You can use throughout the vegetative growth stage and for the first three weeks of the flowering cycle.

Shogun Katana Roots sits alongside Shogun Dragon Force, Shogun Silicon, Shogun CalMag to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Shogun.

Reviews & Questions

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