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Shogun Samurai Coco A&B is a superb 2 part nutrient formulation for use when growing with coco coir. It provides your plants with balanced high grade nutrition throughout both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. Incorporating the revolutionary SmartZen Yield Maximiser and AquaZen Slow Water ingredients there is simply no other base nutrient that is better.

How It Works

Samurai Coco is a complete feed for use throughout the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. As with all Shogun products the ingredients are top quality and Samurai Coco will deliver all the nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and micro-nutrients your plants need in an optimised ratio for use in coco coir growing medium. Coco naturally has a tendency to absorb calcium and release potassium which can cause nutrient imbalances and deficiency issues. The ingredients in Samurai Coco along with ensuring a 20-40% runoff when watering ensures there will be no such deficiencies.

Samurai Coco contains the groundbreaking SmartZen and AquaZen ingredients, these are a complete game-changer when it comes to nutrient effectiveness!

SmartZen was developed by Shogun, specifically for their base nutrient feeds. It has been masterfully blended with a plethora of exclusive ingredients. It works by facilitating and enhancing key nutrient absorption ensuring feeds perform better with these additions, maximising their effect. SmartZen has been proven in trials to increase yields by up to 8% when compared to standard NPK formulas.

AquaZen was also developed by Shogun. This innovation was designed to maximise the natural properties of your growing media, specifically coco. This remarkable additive slows down the flow of nutrients and water through your growing medium, in turn, creating a considerably enhanced wetting effect. This maximises root development and nutrient to root contact time by ensuring even distribution of nutrients through the entire growing media. Nutrient uptake potential is drastically increased.

How To Use Shogun Samurai Coco A&B

Shogun Samurai Coco is to be used as a root feed. The Shogun feed chart recommends adding Samurai Coco at a rate of 2-4ml per litre of water. Always ensure you add the same amounts of A and B parts. The recommended EC range is 1.0-2.5 depending on what other products you are using alongside.

In order to get the very best results from Samurai Coco you must ensure you have a 20-40% run off each time you water. This will keep the nutrients in the medium within the correct concentrations and prevent the coco coir absorbing excess calcium and releasing potassium. The EC level of the drained solution should be around 0-15% higher than the initial EC.

IMPORTANT! Never mix A and B bottles together neat. Always add one part to water at a time ensuring it is thoroughly mixed before adding the other.

Shogun Samurai Coco 2-part nutrient works well when used with other Shogun products such as Shogun Dragon Force and Shogun Sumo Active Boost. These form part of the outstanding range of nutrients and additives from the Shogun range.

Shogun Samurai Coco A&B is available in 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.

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