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Shogun Hydro Bloom A&B is a complete 2-part base nutrient for use when growing in any hydroponic system or medium. It is comprised of the highest quality ingredients as well as the cutting edge technology known as SmartZen, which has been proven to increase yields. Samurai Bloom will give unrivalled performance and results.

How It Works

Samurai Bloom sets itself apart from other base feeds on the market due to its composition of highly refined and precision formulated ingredients. Because of this it will produce superior growth and flowering development. However these effects are further aided by the presence of SmartZen. SmartZen is a unique ingredient to Shogun products and is comprised of a collection of compounds which actually increase nutrient assimilation within the plants vascular system. Side-by-side trials have proven SmartZen can increase yields by up to 8%. There really is no other base nutrient which can compare to Shogun Samurai!

How To Use Shogun Samurai Hydro Bloom A&B

Shogun Samurai Bloom is to be used as a root feed in any hydroponic system or growing medium. The Shogun feed chart recommends adding Samurai Hydro Bloom at a rate of 1-3ml per litre of water. Always ensure you add the same amounts of A and B parts. 

For the very best results it is important to ensure an adequate drain is achieved each day on media based systems. This will make sure the nutrient concentration around the roots remains at an optimum concentration. Aim for 10-40% each time and check the EC of your run-off is within the region 0-15% higher than your input amount.

IMPORTANT! Never mix A and B bottles together neat. Always add one part to water at a time ensuring it is thoroughly mixed before adding the other.

Shogun Samurai Bloom 2-part nutrient works well when used with other Shogun products such as Shogun Dragon Force and Shogun Sumo Active Boost. These form part of the unbeatable range of nutrients and additives from the Shogun range.

Shogun Samurai Hydro Bloom A&B is available in 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.

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