Shogun Samurai Hydro Grow



Shogun Samurai Hydro Grow is a concentrated 2-part feed for use in the vegetative growth stages. Made from the highest-grade ingredients and incorporating the cutting edge SmartZen ingredient, Samurai Hydro is supplied in a 2-part A/B formulation with separate grow and bloom formulations. Vastly increasing photosynthesis and lowering heat stress.

How It Works

The main ingredients of this powerhouse are the best quality. Providing all the potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus that the plant needs including all the micro-nutrients needed for optimum health and performance. This product also boasts the SmartZen additive. SmartZen was developed by Shogun, specifically for base nutrient feeds. It has been masterfully blended with a plethora of exclusive ingredients. It works by facilitating and enhancing key nutrient absorption ensuring feeds perform better with these additions maximising their effect. These ingredients have been proven to increase yields by up to 8%.

How to use Shogun Samurai Hydro Grow

Shogun Samurai Hydro Grow is available in 1L and 5L bottles. The Shogun Feed Chart recommends use during the growth stage to facilitate rapid growth and provide optimum uptake of nutrients in the plants’ cycle.

For use as a root feed, add at a rate of 1-4ml/L of Part A and the same of part B to your nutrient reservoir or watering can (EC – 1.3-2.5). Dilution rates will be dependent upon your water hardness – please refer to the usage table tool below for more accurate dilution rates. Media based systems require approximately 10-40 % drain each day to keep the nutrients around the roots within acceptable concentrations. The drain conductivity should be between 0-15% higher than the input solution conductivity.

Shogun Samurai Hydro Grow nutrient works alongside Shogun fertilisers and nutrients such as Shogun Dragon Force, Shogun PK Warrior 9/18, Shogun CalMag to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Shogun.

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