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Shogun Silicon is a protective armour for your plants, protecting them against attacks from pathogens and pests. Simultaneously it also strengthens the very structure of your plants and provides the basis for strong, healthy development with maximum environmental resistance. Used correctly it will provide a stable source of Silicic Acid in your nutrient tank.

How It Works

Shogun Silicon contains a concentrated and highly refined form of potassium silicate that has been designed in such a way as to ensure maximum uptake by your plants. When used correctly it will convert into a stable Silicic Acid in your nutrient solution that is easily absorbed by your plants. Silicon is often overlooked in many nutrient schedules, it is in fact not exactly a 'nutrient' as your plants do not consume it in the same way. It does however enter the structure of your plants via the nutrient solution and when used correctly provides a whole host of useful benefits. Adding Shogun Silicon to your nutrient regime means this element can be incorporated into your plants cell walls, this adds a far greater increase in durability and physical resistance to disease and pests. Silicon helps to create 'strong' plants and aids in reducing fluctuating pH levels in your nutrient solution

How To Use Shogun Silicon

Shogun Silicon should be added in throughout all stages of growth. The Shogun feed schedule suggests a dose of 1ml per litre at all times. To ensure you reap the benefits of using Silicon it is very important to follow the below directions when you add it to your nutrient solution. 

Always add Shogun Silicon to your solution first before any other nutrients and additives. Once you have added Silicon then you MUST adjust your pH so that it is below 7. Failure to do so before adding other nutrients will cause a reaction that can cause some of the calcium and magnesium to precipitate and 'drop-out as well as loosing some of the benefits of the Silicic Acid. Once you have added your Silicon and adjust the pH to below 7 you can then continue as normal and add in your other products. Once everything has been added, always check your pH and make any adjustments as needed. By following these instructions will always ensure you get the maximum benefits from Shogun Silicon. The key thing to remember is the pH of your water cannot be above 7 once Silicon and other nutrients have been added!

Shogun Silicon is great when combined with other bottles from the Shogun range of nutrients and additives, these include products such as Shogun Sumo Active Boost and Shogun Dragon Force.

Shogun Silicon is available in 250ml, 1L and 5L bottles.


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