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Shogun Start is delicate nutrient, formulated especially for the needs of young plants. It contains all the essential macro and micro elements for seedlings and cuttings to establish strong early leaf growth and root development. Seeds will germinate quicker and cuttings will root faster!

How It Works

It has always been a common 'go-to' method to feed young seedlings or cuttings a half or quarter strength base feed in order to give them some nutrition without overdoing it. While this may seem like the correct thing to do you can actually cause yourself more problems! By reducing a nutrient dose in such a way, you can in fact cause imbalances in your solution which can lead to issues such as deficiencies. This is where Shogun Start can help! It is able to provide your young plants a full spectrum of the essential nutrients alongside trace elements without the need to adjust the strength of the dose. Importantly a unique ratio of boron and calcium are present as these elements have been shown to be key contributors to strong root development. The formula encourages the movements of auxins from the leaf tip to the rooting point and has been carefully tailored to the needs of your plants during these critical early stages. The presence of Shogun's unique SmartZen ingredient maximises nutrient uptake and by combining with Shogun Katana Roots, Shogun Start will increase it's effect and help to establish seedlings and cuttings very quickly into strong plants capable of supporting the biggest of yields!

How To Use Shogun Start

Shogun Start is suitable for use on seedlings, cuttings and young plants. Shogun recommend a dose of 4ml per litre. It can be applied as both a root feed as well as a foliar spray. We suggest using as a foliar on unrooted cuttings to provide nutrition at this vulnerable stage, plus this will help speed up rooting times. For seedlings and rooted cuttings then using as a root feed is your best bet. You can also soak your propagation media in a solution of Shogun Start and Katana Roots to give your plants the ultimate start in life.

We highly recommend using Shogun Start alongside Katana Roots for the very best results. It can also be combined with products such as Shogun Zenzym which form part of the outstanding range of nutrients and additives from Shogun.

Shogun Start is available in 250ml, 1L and 5L bottles.

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