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Shogun Start is a delicate nutrient solution, formulated to maximise plant establishment and root development. It contains healthy macro and micronutrients within the SmartZen booster ingredient. Shogun Start gives your young plants full strength trace elements whilst still maintaining a low overall strength.

SmartZen was developed by Shogun, specifically for base nutrient feeds. It has been masterfully blended with a plethora of exclusive ingredients. It works by facilitating and enhancing key nutrient absorption ensuring feeds perform better with these additions maximising their effect.

Shogun Start promotes rapid development during the initial two weeks of vegetative growth, delivering vastly improved strike rates for seedlings and cuttings, ultimately decreasing turnaround times, making your grow more productive.

How It Works

Shogun Start offers everything that seedlings and cuttings need for rapid root establishment, development and intense growth. It provides a well-balanced combination of nutrients, superior to using regular feed at lower concentrations (EC Levels). This is important to note, as reducing the EC levels of regular feed too much can lead to overly reducing the level of vital minerals e.g. Calcium.

How to use Shogun Start

Shogun start is available in 250ml & 1L bottles. The Shogun Feed Chart recommends use during the rooting & propagation stage to increase growth, development and nutrient uptake in the plants’ cycle.

For cuttings, mix Shogun Start at a rate of 3-4ml per litre of water and use it to soak your propagation media. For a foliar application, spray cuttings with Shogun Start to nourish the plant during its most vulnerable stages, at the same dose. Once you have rooted cuttings you can increase the dosage to 4-8ml per litre of water.

Shogun Start works alongside Katana Roots, Shogun Silicon, Shogun Calmag to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Shogun.

Reviews & Questions

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