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Shogun Zenzym


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Shogun Zenzym is comprised of a high quality blend of enzymes which promote a healthy and thriving root system. Zenzym will break down dead root matter and release locked up nutrients back into the plant. The root system is cleansed of impurities and new root growth is stimulated along with an increase in nutrient uptake. This process helps to improve both plant performance and yield.

How It Works

Zenzym is made up of a unique blend of enzymes, these include cellulase, xylanase, pectinase and glucanase, all of which facilitate the breakdown of dead root material. This is done in a very effective way so that dead matter can be completely broken down in a process known as hydrolysis. The 1.4-beta linkages in glucan molecules are broken which strips away the rigid outer layer of the dead roots. Once fully broken down the dead matter is turned into nutrients for your plants which will supplement their normal feeding routine. 

In turn the root zone becomes healthier, more robust and less vulnerable to infections, with more space for new root growth. Zenzym is also very effective at breaking down biofilm which can occur in nutrient tanks and cause blockages in your pipework. A weekly dose of Zenzym will prevent as well as cure these problems. 

How To Use Shogun Zenzym

Shogun Zenzym is suitable for all growing systems and medium. It should be used throughout the entire growth cycle. The Shogun feed chart recommend a dose of 2.5ml per litre of water.

For growers who wish to reuse their growing media then Zenzym is a great product to prepare it for another cycle. Remove as much of the root balls as possible before applying Zenzym. The dose can be increased as much a 10x the normal strength in these circumstances. Ensure the media throughly drenched for around 24 hours to fully breakdown and reinvigorate your soil and coco!

Shogun Zenzym is the perfect product to use alongside other Shogun nutrients and additives such as Katana Roots or Shogun Silicon.

Shogun Zenzym is available in 250ml, 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.


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