Trimzilla 19" Bowl Trimmer



Trimming your plants with scissors is time consuming. Therefore make life easier with this easy automated process. It has three main parts: a lid, grill and bowl. The Trimzilla 19” is constructed with a sharp two-way blade as well as two spare sets of four-way trimming wires.

To use, simply turn the handle and it will rotate the silicone tongues, this will then drive the plant material around the top chamber. Meanwhile, the blade sitting underneath the grill spins concurrently. Whilst the plant material moves around the chamber, any leaf matter that finds its way through the grill gets chopped off. The Trimzilla uses a gearbox and keeps the blade and the tongues alternating at different rates. The tongue moves material around the chamber gradually whilst the blade spins faster.

The leaves that have been trimmed in the process are collected in the bowl, making sure your product is neat and tidy.

The Trimzilla makes trimming quick and easy with less effort as well as a speedy cleaning process.

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