Plant Magic Root Stimulant


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As the name suggests, Plant Magic's superb formula stimulates your plants roots to grow bigger and stronger...quickly! A large, healthy root system is a key component to growing the best plants with the biggest yields. Use from the start of growth to set your plants up to be the best they can be.

How It Works

Root Stimulant is manufactured using an innovative and unique fermentation process. The process consists of microbes utilising the ingredients as a food source and therefore increasing the bioavailability of nutrients by decomposing sugars and carbohydrates into readily available nutrients for your plants. As well as helping to provide a food source to your plants it will also significantly increase the populations of beneficial microbes and bacteria within your growing medium. These beneficials help to protect your plant from diseases and make them less susceptible to stress situations. Root Stimulant also contains high quality humates, seaweed and amino acids that work hand in hand to promote strong root growth, helping your plants become established quickly and ultimately grow faster.

How To Use Plant Magic Root Stimulant

Plant Magic Root Stimulant is suitable for all types of growing medium and hydroponic systems. Due to it's ingredients it can also be added to an organic grow schedule if desired. The Plant Magic feed chart recommends using Root Stimulant as a root feed throughout the entire vegetative stage and the first 2 weeks of flowering at a rate of 2.5ml per litre. Some growers also choose to use Root Stimulant as a foliar feed in propagation and the vegetative stages. We suggest a rate of around 5ml per litre for this type of use.

IMPORTANT - Refrain from using any peroxide-based products when using Plant Magic Root Stimulant as this will destroy the organic ingredients it contains.

Root Stimulant works well with other Plant Magic products, these include additives such as Enzyme and Silicon.

Plant Magic Root Stimulant is available in 1L and 5L bottles.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Hello, I've just purchased some Plant Magic root stimulant and would like to know if I should use it for every watering?. Thank You.

    Hi there,

    Dependant upon your plant's needs you can apply the Plant Magic Root Stimulant in every feed or every other feed.

    Kind Regards,

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