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BioBizz Bio Grow is an outstanding organic fertiliser which works alongside your other nutrients to help with uptake. It will improve the health of your plants and accelerate their development, creating robust immune systems and activate the beneficial microbial life in the growing media. This colonisation in the root-zone will increase nutrient absorption and protect plants from disease

How It Works

Unlike most other 'grow' products, BioBizz Bio Grow is not just for the vegetative stage but actually for the entire growth cycle! The base ingredient is 100% organic product known as vinasse. Vinasse is a by-product from turning sugar cane or sugar beet into sugar by a natural fermentation process. Starches in the sugar are then treated with enzymes to produce glucose. This, combined with other plant nutrients helps to create a rich food source for for the microbes and therefore helping to enrich your soil.

Bio Grow provides the plant with all the essential macro and micronutrients required by a plant during it's growth cycle. Providing the correct balance of main NPK nutrients & a full spectrum of micronutrients ensures an optimal nutrient uptake & maintains a vigorously growing plant’s needs.

How To Use BioBizz Bio Grow

BioBizz recommend using Bio Grow throughout both the vegetative and flowering stages at a rate of 1-4ml per litre. It is important to remember that Bio Grow is NOT a vegetative stage nutrient as the name may suggest and if you are following a predominately BioBizz based nutrient schedule you should use Bio Bloom alongside it for the best results.

BioBizz Bio Grow Organic Nutrient works well when combined with products such as Bio Bloom, Alg-A-Mic and TopMax which make up some of the fantastic organic nutrient and additives available from BioBizz.

Bio Grow is available in 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.

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