BioBizz Bio Heaven




  • Certified organic flowering booster
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Improves soil structure
  • Fantastic foliar application
  • Food source for beneficial bacteria
  • Natural Source of available nutrients
  • Improves organic flavour and yield of crop

BioBizz have been producing high quality organic nutrients for the hydroponics industry since 1992. Starting in Holland, they now have facilities all over the world dedicated to pushing the boundaries with organic growing. With years of research and development gone into every bottle, their products are the ultimate option for today’s modern indoor organic gardener. Bio Heaven is one of the most under-rated plant boosters out there, stimulating rapid growth at all stages which eventually contributes to yield breaking harvests.

BioBizz Bio Heaven is an organic plant booster that can be used throughout a plants entire life cycle, it provides the plant with the means to uptake nutrients at a much faster rate, as well as a wealth of biological stimulants (specifically amino acids) that are the ultimately the key to Bio Heaven’s effectiveness. These promote highly vigorous and accelerated growth in your plant, saving the plant vital energy in producing these elements itself that it can then afford to spend on developing fruit growth.

While it is ideal to use in conjunction with the whole BioBizz range, Bio Heaven is the ultimate organic plant booster that is compatible with any hydroponic or organic nutrient line you may be using. Bio Heaven can also be used as an effective addition to a foliar spray regime, improving the effects and the translocation of nutrients in any foliar blend you make it with!

BioBizz Bio Heaven is available in 250ml, 1, 5 and 10 litre sizes.


BioBizz Bio Heaven is a formulation that is a result of a 100% organic process, proteins and amino acids are naturally extracted from rich natural sources like soy bean meal. The resultant extracts are then carefully formulated into Bio Heaven so it contains unique blend of specific proteins, amino acids, vitamins and vegetable plant hormones that can give your plant the edge.

The entire extraction, bottling and storage process needs to be strictly monitored and batch controlled, to ensure that you get a consistently homogenous product every time you make a purchase. BioBizz have been developing their manufacturing process for over 20 years, to ensure you receive only the highest quality of product, every time.


BioBizz is an organic plant booster that can help your plants growth in a few key areas. Proteins and amino acids, provide a foundation element for your plant to then to make use of. They provide the basis for the plant to quickly turn into something usable like a hormone, that it would otherwise have to spend significant energy on producing itself. By taking away the first few steps of the process for the plant, you are saving valuable energy that can otherwise be put into new leaf or flower growth.

It contains a rich extract derived from a naturally aged humus that helps to chelate the minerals and nutrients in the soil to be much more available to the plant. This means your plant always has access to exactly what it needs from the root zone, vital for a fully functioning and fast growing plant. It helps to improve water retention properties within the soil, helping to alleviate any unwanted effects of stress from a low humidity.

When applied as a foliar spray, the amino acids and proteins in Bio Heaven directly help repair damaged chlorophyll in the leaf tissue, and provide a source of natural available nitrogen for the plant to uptake. When used in combination with other foliar applications, it also helps to improve the absorption and translocation of nutrients, making for a super efficient additive to a foliar spray regime.


BioBizz Bio Heaven is a highly effective growth booster that can be used in both the growth and bloom stages of a grow. It can be used as a root drench at a rate of 2-5ml/L. Always make sure that you follow the guidelines on the feed charts of each brand and react to your plants need accordingly.

Once the solution is made, do not add pH up/down to correct the pH. Firstly, peat based mixes are buffered for pH so this is not necessary. Secondly, the acid will instantly begin to break down the organic matter in the solution, something that you want to happen naturally in the root zone after application.


Always shake well before use. BioBizz is a natural and organic product so it will separate slightly during transport.

Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight. UV and extreme temperatures will break down the organic compounds in the bottle, leaving you with a less effective product.

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BioBizz Bio Heaven

BioBizz Bio Heaven