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Bio Heaven is a high performing plant booster and one of the flagship products of the BioBizz range. It essentially acts as an 'energy booster' for your plants, greatly improving nutrient uptake and in turn your overall quality and yields. Your plants will become resistant to stress situations and enzymatic activity will also increase.

How It Works

Bio Heaven is comprised of carefully selected biological stimulants. One of the main ones are Amino Acids; the basic building blocks for proteins and enzymes and also something which is essential to plant structure and metabolism. This results in better translocation of nutrients in your plant, enzyme activity is increased and the whole uptake of macro and micro nutrients is greatly improved. This increase in nutrient uptake will help to push your quality and yields to new heights and help your plant be more resistant to stress situations, in particular those relative to humidity. Bio Heaven also helps to boost your plants anti-oxidants which will help it rid itself of unwanted toxins which could impair growth and yield. 

How To Use BioBizz Bio Heaven

BioBizz recommends to use Bio Heaven throughout both the vegetative and flowering stages at a rate of 2-5ml per litre. It can be applied as a root drench as well as a foliar feed. If using as a foliar always spray just before your lights go off to avoid burning your plant.

BioBizz Bio Heaven Energy Booster works well combined with products such as Bio GrowBio Bloom and TopMax to complete the fantastic organic nutrient and additives range from BioBizz.

Bio Heaven is available in 250ml, 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.

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Questions & Answers

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  • If you use this as a foliar spray, how much would you mix per litre

    Hi there,

    Using BioBizz Bio Heaven as a foliar application we would advise a dilution rate of between 2-5ml per Litre.

    Kind Regards,

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