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BioBizz Bio Heaven is a high performing plant booster for natural thriving plants. The beneficial bacteria stimulate colonisation of the root-zone which increases nutrient absorption. The improvement of nutrient transport within the plant tissues, increases crop yield and quality.

How It Works

The blend of ingredients, including amino acids are essential for maximised plant health, they also rid your plants of toxins through boosting the plant’s antioxidant system. This in turn, repairs chlorophyll and stimulates plant growth. The stimulation of enzyme activity and nutrient uptake, whilst increasing the chelate of essential micro/macro nutrients will allow plants to retain more moisture and experience a reduction in humidity stress.

It contains a rich extract derived from a naturally aged humus that helps to chelate the minerals and nutrients in the soil to be much more available to the plant. This means your plant always has access to exactly what it needs from the root zone, vital for a fully functioning and fast growing plant. It helps to improve water retention properties within the soil, helping to alleviate any unwanted effects of stress from a low humidity.

When used as a foliar spray, the amino acids and proteins will help repair damaged chlorophyll in the leaf tissue, and provide a source of natural available nitrogen for the plant to uptake. When used in combination with other foliar applications, it also helps to improve the absorption and translocation of nutrients, making for a super efficient additive to a foliar spray regime.

How to use Biobizz Bio Heaven

BioBizz Bio Heaven is available in 250ml, 1L, 5L,10L bottles. The BioBizz Feed Chart recommends use during the entire vegetative and flowering stages.

BioBizz Bio Heaven is made for use through the vegetative and blooming phases, with any type of substrate, enabling powerful, healthy growth. Dilute at a rate of 2-5ml/L water and mix well. You can use repeatedly until two weeks before harvest. It is suitable to be used for everyday watering.

BioBizz Bio Heaven flowering booster works well combined with Bio Grow, Root Juice, Top Max to complete the exceptional organic nutrient & additives range from BioBizz.

Reviews & Questions
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