BioBizz Worm Humus



BioBizz Worm Hummus is a 100% organic product, created from decomposed material, excreted by the earthworm. This Humus, commonly known as vermicast has been vigorously lab tested to make sure it contains any farmyard waste, landfill waste or compost. It is completely packed with nutrients and bacteria that are both water-soluble. This nutrient dense organic fertiliser is an incredible all-round soil improver.

How to use it

Biobizz Worm Humus is great for refreshing All-Mix. You can also add it to substrate mixtures that you are using or preparing the garden subsoil, to give a refreshing boost to your media. BioBizz recommend aiming for the ideal proportionate blend of 10-15% Worm Hummus to 85-90% All-Mix. This product is available in a 40L bag.

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