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BioBizz Worm Humus is a 100% organic product created from decomposed material excreted by the earthworm. It is naturally packed with vast amounts of water soluble nutrients and bacteria. It is superb all-round soil improver, a source of primary and additional nutrients for your plants and can also be used as one of the components for creating your own soil mixes.

The humus (also known as vermicast), has been vigorously lab tested to make sure it does not contain any farmyard waste, landfill waste or compost. The earthworms which are used to produce the humus are fed a very nutritious diet of rock minerals and organic potato peelings. Combine the worm castings they produce with the natural microbes in the ground and you can rest assured you will be getting a premium quality product every time!

How To Use BioBizz Worm Humus

BioBizz Worm Humus can be used in a number of ways. 

It is great for refreshing soil mixes such as All Mix, enabling you to reuse them whilst still getting consistent results like you would the first time round. Aim for around 10-15% Worm Humus in your overall mix when you prepare your media for re-use.

It can be added to substrates that are still in use, giving your soil a great boost of organic nutrition and reducing the need for additional liquid fertilisers. In these circumstances Worm Humus can be applied as a top dress to your pots which will act as a slow release nutrition as it is watered in. There is no set amount you need to use and you cannot overdose so try experimenting with different amounts!

Lastly Worm Humus can be used when making your own soil mixes or preparing your garden soil for outdoor planting. We recommend around 10-15% of humus in your overall mix, however some growers choose to go for more or less depending on the the other components they are using.

BioBizz Worm Humus is soil in a 40L bag.

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