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A powerful combo of nitrogen, amino acids and monosilicic acid makes Amino Treatment one of the most well-rounded additives available. It helps plants to operate at their maximum capabilities and will improve both vegetative growth and the formation of flowers. Use throughout the growth cycle to increase photosynthesis, build stronger plants and to get the best results possible.

How It Works

Amino Treatment contains a unique soy protein hydrolysate which is packed full of the all-important amino acid that plants need. Amino acids help improve minieral absorption by the plants and other key areas. In fact no other product on the market has tapped into this cutting-edge research like House & Garden have done here. Alongside this it contains a balanced array of ingredients to complement. A small amount of nitrogen and the often overlooked additive; silica. Silica is used by plants to help strengthen and protect their cell walls but it is not readily available to them naturally. Amino Treatment contains monosilicic acid, the most bio-available form of silicon for your plants. These silicon particles are far smaller than those found in other products and they allow your plants to use them immediately. By supplementing with silicon in this fashion allows your plants to become more resistant to disease, pests and heat stress. They will also benefit from stronger, thicker stems that are capable of supporting heavy yields.

How To Use House & Garden Amino Treatment

Amino Treatment can be used on plants growing in any type of medium or watering system. The H&G feed chart recommend a dose of 0.3-0.7ml per litre applied from the second week of veg up until the end of third week of flower. 

Amino Treatment is a universal additive and can be used with most nutrient schedules. It works even better when combined with a root stimulator and enzyme such as Roots Excelurator and Multi Zyme, also from the House & Garden range. Avoid combining it with other products that contain silicon though. 

House & Garden Amino Treatment is available in 250ml, 500ml and 1L bottles.

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