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House & Garden Multi Zyme

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House and Garden Multi Zyme is a growth stimulator; abundant in enzymes, co-enzymes and vitamins. Multi Zyme accelerates and simplifies the root growth process. Assisting the plant to dispose of waste products. Multi Zyme works with your base nutrients to speed up your plants’ growth, develop greater immunity to disease and provide superior yields.

How It Works

House and Garden Multi Zyme contains a unique blend of enzymes which convert base nutrients into a more bio available form that plants can absorb easily and use optimally. The enzymes assist in the sugar exchange that happens within the plant which leads to rapid growth, greater yields and a more robust immune system. Multi Zyme contains humic acid and protein molecules, both of which are known to stimulate extremely fast root development. Stimulating root growth promotes rapid development of the rest of your plant, and helps it recover from stress. Multi Zyme assists your plants in ridding the roots of waste products, this allows your plants to focus on growing and feeding. Dead root mass will be broken down and this mass contains humic acid and other proteins to facilitate fast root growth and health.

How to use House and Garden Multi Zyme 

House and Garden Multi Zyme is available in 1L, 5L and 20L bottles. The House and Garden Feed Chart recommends use during the vegetative stage through to week 1 to week 4 of flowering.

Multi Zyme can be used in any type of growing system or media. House and Garden recommend that for a hydroponic system, you should create your nutrient solution as required and add Multi Zyme at the rate of 1ml/L and mix well. Then adjust pH to the required level. For hand watering, Multi Zyme can be used on each feed, however you will probably find every second or third watering is ample. Just add 1ml/L to the water or feed and water as normal.

House and Garden Multi Zyme flowering booster sits alongside Bud XL, Top Booster and Amino Treatment to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from House and Garden.

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