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House and Garden Shooting Powder forces plants to begin a new flowering cycle after your regular cycle has ended. This considerably increases the weight of the harvested fruits. Shooting Powder will create a new layer of flowers on top of the existing fruit, dramatically increasing your final yield.

How It Works

Shooting Powder facilitates a new stage of growth when the plant’s flowers are almost ready for cutting. By adding this new layer of growth to each fruit, it ensures a superior end result with no compromise to taste and aroma. When plants have the optimum conditions of heat, light and CO2, Shooting Powder has been shown to increase crops by up to 30% as new sets of flowers arise from existing ones, forming extremely dense buds.

The combination of phosphorus and potassium causes the plant to grow a new growth layer when the plant is normally in its maturation state. The increased yields are astonishing.

How to use House and Garden Shooting Powder

Shooting Powder is for use at the end of the flowering stage for the last three weeks of your plants’ cycle. Prepare your base nutrient and add to your water container. It is recommended that you reduce the strength of your nutrient base when using this product as over fertilisation can occur. Please ensure you use Shooting Powder only on sufficiently healthy plants.

House and Garden recommend:

1 x sachet – added to 100ltrs during the last 3 weeks before flush

2 x sachets – added to 100ltrs during the last 2 weeks before flush

2 x sachets – added to 100ltrs during the last week before flush.


For use in a recirculating system, House and Garden recommend:

 ¼ of a sachet per 100ml – 3 weeks before

½ of a sachet per 100ml – 2 weeks before

1 sachet per 100ml – 1 week before

House and Garden Shooting Powder is available in 1L, 5L and 20L bottles. The House and Garden Feed Chart recommends use during the flowering stage at week 7 to week 10 to boost floral growth, increase floral production and nutrient uptake in the plants’ cycle.

House and Garden Shooting Powder flowering booster sits alongside Bud XL, Multi Zyme and Amino Treatment to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from House and Garden.

For help with these products and how to use them, including ingredients and reviews please call us or check out website.

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