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House & Garden's version of the popular flowering additive PK 13/14. Top Booster improves this tried and tested formula with the addition of Eddha-Fe (iron). When used for a small period at the correct time in flowering it will enhance floral production and gear your plants up for a cup winning finish!

How It Works

Plants require increased amounts of potassium and phosphorus during bloom and supplementing with these elements will not only satisfy their needs but help to improve results to. PK 13/14 is a tried and tested additive and method of improving yields in flowering. House & Garden have taken this nutrient staple and improved it. Firstly they have made the elements as bio available as possible so your plants can uptake as much of it as quickly as possible. Next they added red iron into the mix, this works alongside the increase in potassium and phosphorus and tells the plant that it is nearing the end of it's life cycle. This cause a rise in the number of flowering sites and sets the stage for a jaw dropping end result.

How To Use House & Garden Top Booster

Top Booster only needs to be used for up to one week (3-4 days is usually sufficient!) at around 4 weeks before you flush your plants. House & Garden recommend a dose of 1.5ml per litre. This product can be used in soil, coco or hydro applications. Some growers choose to use Top Booster as soon as plants show signs of flowering but at a considerably lower dose (around 0.3-0.4ml per litre). This has been shown to further help increase yields in some situations.

To get the best results from Top Booster House & Garden recommend combining it with Bud XL and following on after use with Top Shooter or Shooting Powder for the final 3 weeks before you flush.

House & Garden Top Booster is available in 1L and 5L bottles.

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