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Plant Magic Platinum PK 9/18


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Plant Magic's ultimate flowering booster. Platinum is a super concentrated, complex PK blend with added biostimulants and sulphur. It will drive plants to produce intense growth and dramatically increase yield, taste, aroma and overall flower structure.

How It Works

Platinum is a complete flowering additive and contains everything a plant needs to produce the very best results. 9-18 is widely regarded as the best PK ratio for fast growing, heavy yielding plants and this is why this has been chosen as the base for this product. Bio-stimulants have then been added, these help to feed the beneficial microbes around the root zone, resulting in an increased nutrient uptake. On top of this high levels of sulphur are present in Platinum. This is an often overlooked element, but one that is very important for the increasing the production of essential oils in the plant. These oils are directly linked to the overall quality, aroma, taste and other natural traits the plant possesses. 

How To Use Plant Magic Platinum PK 9/18

Platinum PK 9/18 is suitable for use with any growing media and can also be used in any hydroponic or watering system as well. It is a very concentrated product and the Plant Magic feed chart recommends using between 0.2-0.5ml per litre of water from around week 4 of flowering until flush. Platinum is a strong product and should not be combined with any other PK additives.

Platinum PK 9/18 works very well when combined with Ignition Boost. It can also be used with various products from the Plant Magic range such as Magne-Cal+ and Silicon.

Plant Magic Platinum PK 9/18 is available in 500ml and 1L bottles.


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