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Shogun Geisha Foliar Spray


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Produce stronger, healthier plants with more flowering sites with Shogun Geisha. This unique foliar feed is proven to improve the performance of your crop after a single application, with visible results being seen in as little as 24 hours! Your plants will benefit from greater nutrient uptake and resistance to heat as well as lush green growth in veg and more flowers with a better growth uniformity in bloom! 

How It Works

Geisha contains a high content of boron alongside other bio-activators. Boron, an often overlooked element, is actually crucial for the enzymatic systems that process potassium uptake within the plant. So even if you are supplementing with high levels of potassium which is common is flowering but also a key ingredient for root growth, without boron your plant cannot effectively access it. The bio-activators work alongside this and help to increase nutrient uptake which results in better growth and yields. Geisha will also help improve heat tolerance for several days after application. This can be particularly useful during the warmer months when it can be harder to manage your grow room conditions. Results are seen clearly within 24 hours of use, your plants will be greener and standing upright and strong!

How To Use Shogun Geisha

Geisha is supplied in a ready-to-use solution and requires no dilution or pH adjustment, just spray directly from the bottle or decant the larger size into a spray bottle of your choosing. Shogun recommend around 300-375ml per 1m2 to be used every 2 weeks. There are a few important things to note when using Geisha. Firstly it is vital that it is only used on strong, established plants that are actively growing. Secondly it must be used just before your lights go off, or when they are already off. The usual schedule of use is to start around 2 weeks after your cuttings and seedings have become rooted and established and continue the bi-weekly applications or for a 'lighter' regime use at just the 2nd and 5th weeks of the flowering cycle.

Shogun Geisha works well with most nutrient ranges and is particularly effective when used alongside higher levels of potassium. Pair with PK Warrior or Dragon Force for great results.

Shogun Geisha is supplied in a 750ml spray bottle or 5 litre bottle.

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